The Team

Ben Peterson

As the founder of 3G Fit, Ben is a proud father, disabled US Army combat veteran, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, competitive shooter, entrepreneur, visionary, and problem solver. Since childhood he has maintained the unique ability to evaluate everything in his life. From mechanics, to people, to cause and effect, he specializes in finding problems or deficiencies, and fixing them. Through the years he has found that his true desire, his true passion in life is to help others to succeed through a "teach a man to fish" perspective.

In 2011-2012 his life was forever changed at the age of 24. In that time he suffered injuries and life threatening disease in Iraq, was medically retired from his beloved career in the Army, endured the ending of his marriage and loss of a step child, became a single father, and was left with permanent injuries, memory loss, depression, and anxiety disorder. Over the next 3 years he spent most of his time trying to give up, but never being able to let go of his insatiable need to find problems and fix them.

Much of 3G Fit, especially our Wisdom from a Stump section, is a culmination of lessons learned and Ben's trial by fire. Some of life's greatest lessons, especially the realization of who we truly are, is not from how we portray or see ourselves to be on a daily basis, but rather who we can't help but become when shit hits the fan.


What is 3G FIT?

The Mindset

We are so much more than a brand or a company. We are a community, a family, a culture, and a tribe built around the belief that if we are not helping each other in a genuine way, then what are we here for? 

Living your best life requires strength of character. Success is earned on a day-to-day basis, and disappears just as quickly. We are here to build each other up through accountability, strength, and a true desire to see as many people as possible succeed in making their lives better.

The Why

The world we live in today teaches us that everything should come easy. It teaches us that we are all special little flowers, and ingrains in us a mindset of instant gratification. The truth is that the world is a tough place designed to test us daily. Those who do the work, day in and day out through patience and perseverance, are rewarded. Those who sit back and wait for the world to reward them, never become truly successful or happy.

3G Fit is designed to cut out all of the clutter and bullshit this world throws at us. How many times have you watched a video of some fitness model telling you that he/she has the diet and exercise secrets to get you in shape quickly and easily? Or a "business coach" telling you that you can make a million dollars in 12 months? Or a "self help guru" telling you they have the secret to confidence and happiness? You watch the video for 15 minutes, get engaged, and they tell you that all of this could be yours for $100 if you sign up for their program, and they'll show you how. They're feeding off of you and your struggles and quite frankly, we think it's immoral and wrong.

The truth is that there is no magic, no secrets, and no shortcuts. We are here to give you a solid foundation in fitness, nutrition, and life that can help anyone, no matter your situation. You just have to be willing to invest the time, and the sweat to reach your goals. The best part, all information on this site is free! The only thing we will ever charge for is tangible products and 1-on-1 coaching or custom plans.

Your Choice

Everything in your life, everything you have, everything you do, everything that you are, is a bi-product of you and the choices you make. You are in complete control of you. We will always provide free information, but it's up to you to learn and use that information. It is up to you to stick to the plan. It is up to you to find yourself through self awareness and strength of character. It is your choice to stay where you are, or to become the person you want to be. So what will you choose?